The Mylf Madness Pregame Special – Dana Dearmond

Dana Dearmond – The Mylf Madness Pregame Special

Actress: Dana Dearmond
Nationality: American

Description: Is there anybody hotter than Dana Dearmond? I mean, this sexy MILF knows how to suck dick like a pro, ride cock like a champ, and guzzle cum like she is an MVP. Well, that is just perfect because she also loves her some basketball, and come March, she cannot get her hands on enough balls! Today, she tests our studs stroke, letting him splash in her juicy wet hoop. Then, she assists him with a sloppy blowjob, rocking his pole with some of the best handles in the game. Finally, our stud shoots his shot all over the basketball queen and drains it for the win. This one was a real buzzer beater!

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