My Lover’s Daughter – Cherie Deville, Isabella Nice (SweetheartVideo)

Cherie Deville, Isabella Nice – My Lover’s Daughter

Actress: Cherie Deville, Isabella Nice
Nationality: American

Description: Bombshell Cherie Deville is in the middle of an existential crisis, as she’s seduced by younger, brunette hottie Isabella Nice, the daughter of her lover Dana! Isabella makes her move, grabbing Cherie and kissing her hard on the mouth. Cherie tries to resistant the building lust, but gives in to her wonton desires. Cherie pushes Isabella back onto the bed and goes down on her, eating her pussy until she cums. Isabella eagerly returns the favor, eating Cherie out until the blonde babe cums, writhing in pleasure. Both ladies finger fuck each other and eat each other out, until they collapse into each other’s arms, exhausted by their heated affair…but will they get away with the secret tryst?

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